"To attract success - is to exploit the possibilities."

George Classon


UAB “SVELITRA” is a joint Lithuanian-Swedish company. We directly represent Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture (FCS) Co., Ltd. - plastic injection molding machinery manufacturer - in Lithuania. Also communicate with other equipment manufacturers

UAB “SVELITRA” main areas of activity - trade in plastic injection molding machinery and accessories, sell, and other manufacturing equipment. We want and believe that our clients effectively organize company's manufacturing processes and achieve better results with our help.


Our objectives are:

To ensure that our customers receive adequate and quality equipment.

Familiarize customers with leading-edge technologies.

Helping our clients competent, professionally and quickly find the optimum solution.

Our pricing policy is consistent with each client individually, because we seek a permanent cooperation between them.

If you need reliable and durable equipment manufacture - we are ready to help you!